Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bare Feet etc.

Okay . . . so, my header still needs some work. I set out to find a cool barefoot pic about an hour ago, and I'm finally giving in. I enjoy getting pedicures. My fabulous mother-in-law pampers me with them I would say on average once every 3 weeks or so. During the summer and when I'm pregnant it's probably every two weeks. What a special gift, huh?! Anyhow, I got my toes painted red in honor of 4th of July and wished that I had my camera with me while sitting in the chair at the nail salon. See, it's already happening. BLOGGING ADDICTION. Who else on earth would think of taking a picture of their feet while getting a pedicure? Ugh. Then I remembered that I had an awesome picture of the blue pool with a waterfall in the background with my painted toes at the bottom of the pic from when my husband & I were in Puerto Vallarta years ago. Couldn't find it. So, then I looked at my little boy's baby pictures knowing there was a barefoot picture stored on a disk and well, that took time too. Besides he's 19 months in 2 days and his feet are huge now. Seriously, he's a size 6-1/2 to 7 XW. So, what you see for now is a modified pic of the three little goobers in my world. My two nephews and my little boy. There's a reason for the bare feet. I go all day barefoot, and so does my little boy. We only wear shoes when we absolutely have to. And let's not forget my husband Patrick. He likes his barefeet too. I usually find a pair of socks left in whatever location he sat down the evening before. In the office at the computer desk, under the coffee table, under the dining room table, or next to the couch. So, I guess all of us prefer our bare toes over socks and shoes. We will see this next year when our little girl joins our family if she too enjoys bare feet. Only time will tell!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Okay, so . . . Emily started her blog and decided she was going to cancel her baby website. I started thinking and though, "hmmmm, I could save that money too." But, my preggo brain couldn't come up with a title and so that was that. But, the idea was still there wandering around in my head wondering should I, or shouldn't I? So, now I have used up all my space on my baby website and am to the point where I pay more $ for picture space and a monthly subscription. And my sister-in-law decided to start her blog. So, I finally found a name and decided to give it a shot. After all, I can always quit if it's too much. But from the sounds of things, these blogs are horribly addicting. Maybe I could trade my coffee habit for blogging and save bucko bucks every year. HA, HA, HA!!! Let's be realistic. Once my second baby is here in September, I'll need all the caffeine I can get! Two babies under two (what was I thinking)??? Oh, yes. I'll be 30 in October. I needed two babies before 30. So, like I said we'll see how this goes ; )
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