Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Entertainment

Baker (the name I call my husband when I need his attention) and I have been talking lately how we don't think there are very many shows worth watching lately. One of our favorites October Road, we thought had lots of promise and were very excited to see return. However, the show was cancelled after two seasons. So, there are only a few shows which I enjoy watching and try to follow when time allows - and, yes I have a dvr - but that requires forethought and that Baker delete all of his recorded sports shows from the last 2 years - UGH!

Sundays - Desparate Housewives & sometimes Brothers & Sisters (although, I don't like all the content of these shows, and sometimes they get turned off)

Mondays - Jon & Kate Plus Eight

Tuesday - Biggest Loser Family

Wednesday - Private Practice (My absolute fav)

Thursday - Grey's Anatomy - SOOOO disappointed with the 2 hr. season opener!

What shows are your fav? Any you care to share?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Only a month away!

By the way, today marks one month until my 30th birthday. Hmmmm . . . probably won't have abs like the gal wearing my white tank from the gap in the picture below by then. Only in my dreams & with a very tight girdle - LOL!!!

Clothes to live in . . .

Before I headed off to the hospital for my c-section with Natalie, I did a little online shopping @ Gap. I knew I would need a few essential pieces to help ease the transition from maternity clothing back to "normal" clothes. I'm so glad I have these pieces, they are my fav! But that doesn't change the fact I think I hear the gym calling my name every time I reach into the bag of m&m's!
I got this tank in black & white. It's so stretchy and comfy for day or night!

I got these lounge pants in black and they are lightweight & wonderful for hangin' around the house.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Not dead . . . just dead tired.

It's been 16 days since Miss Natalie joined our family. And I'm haven't updated my blog. So, just a short note to say I'm alive even if some days I don't feel alive!
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