Thursday, March 17, 2011

Still Alive...and Baby #3 is Here!

Hmmm...I missed an entire month in blog land, and we are over half way thru March.  Oh well.  My days are full with 3 little kids age 4 and under and some days we don't make it out of our jammies.  Just keepin' it real. 

I took my last pregnancy picture the night before my c-section.  Only Baker accidentally erase all my pictures on the camera in the hospital just after being admitted.  Deep breath, went and changed into my hospital garb and took a new "last pregnancy" picture - while on the phone trying to sort insurance mix up stuff.  Real life people.  Real life.  This is it folks.
Baby Hayden joined us on February 7th @ 8:11am
8lbs. 4oz and 20" long

My sweet baby boy.  Chillin' with momma and getting some needed rest.

Going home from the hospital.  Just moments before he was screamin' mad.  My other babies did that too when I buckled them in their car seats @ the hospital.  Strange.

My three amigos on Valentines day.  So cute!

Who doesn't love a sleeping baby???
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