Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm leaving for the beach for a few days. After I visit the dentist. yay. Can you sense my enthusiasm? The beach however . . . YAY! The babies and I will be driving and my brother will be keeping us company for the 2-1/2 hour drive. We are leaving the mouse that has been making messes in my kitchen cabinets and eating chunks out of the baby spoons (SO GROSS)behind for Baker to find and (ahem) properly dispose of. I'm completely and utterly grossed out that such a creature would take up residence in my home. But alas, it is a wonderful home and this little creature must have sensed that and wanted to join our wonderful little family. IT however, is NOT welcome. Hear what I'm sayin' little mouse? Go back to where you came from! PRONTO!!! Blogger peeps - TTYL. PS - I have a fun little giveaway coming up on May Day. Watch for it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

It's pouring down rain again. I'm a true northwest girl through and through. I love camping, the beach, the mountains the rain and the snow. However . . . after last weeks 78 degree weather I'm slightly depressed at the grey skies. And since it's pouring down rain I thought I'd share a few pictures from the sunshine days. Please come back and visit again sunshine. PAH LEEEESE!

State of Play

One of my favorite movie genres is drama. A good suspense movie that keeps you guessing and trying to figure out the plot. Saturday night my little miss was CRABBY. So we called Papa & Grandma Jean, and whola! We went to a movie while miss crab potts went to bed. This movie didn't dis-appoint me at all. State of Play was a great suspense movie. I can say that because I ate all my junior mints and drank all my pop by the middle of the movie. For reals. The entire king sized box of junior mints. Good flick.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catching Up

Okay, I'm watching Biggest Loser on channel 184. Catching up from last weeks episode (which only aired um . . . 3 minutes or so do to the Blazer playoff game). Channel 8 was only scheduled to air 30 minutes anyways. How on earth did I not know we had this channel??? Apparently I only navigate the channels under 100. Except for the music channels. Seriously people. I really miss those brain cells I seem to have given to the babies while I was pregnant. I'm wondering how I can get those back?

Happy Birthday April!

Have a wonderful birthday, even though I'm at home with two babies and you're in Vegas. I'm just sayin' . . . I hope you're havin' a great time!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tried these?

Sometimes I need chocolate during the day. And Starbucks has come out with their own truffles, chocolate and chocolate covered coffee beans. So right now I have a stash of these in my pantry and once in a while I nibble on a couple. Yum. Have you tried these? What's your favorite afternoon pick me up snack? Hopefully it's much more nutritious than mine. (he, he, he).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Long Days Don't Last Forever

To my babies who make me smile every day. Each day passes by just a little faster than the last. And to the all the mommies who are at the end of a very long day . . . (you might need a box of kleenex, don't say I didn't warn 'ya)!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I ♥ Biggest Loser

I luv the show Biggest Loser. This season I didn't follow it from the very beginning, but jumped on board soon after. Last night I got to view the last 3 minutes of the show due to the Blazer play-off game. UGH! Go Blazers. I'm so bummed I missed my show! Needless to say one of my favorite teams (the brown team) consist of Ron (dad) and Mike (son). They are the only remaining partners on this seasons show. Everyone else's partners have been voted off. GO BROWN!!! These guys were so overweight and I'm excited so see their complete transformation. One of the other shows I like watching is Celebrity Apprentice. Although, after the Miss USA controversy . . .I'm VERY dis-appointed in Trump. VERY. But we'll talk about that another day. Or not. What are your current tv favs? Am I missing anything worthwhile?

A Strange World

I saw this story of Savana Redding (the 13 year old who was stripped searched by the school nurse) in the news recently and most recently on Good Morning America. I'm split over this issue of children and teens being stripped seached at the mercy of school officials. I'm hoping there wouldn't be need for it in most schools. As a parent, I would want to be present and notified if strip searches were allowed in schools. I feel bad for Savana Redding. I really do. This has obviously impacted her entire life. However, it just makes me think about another issue. Just wondering . . . why should parents be called if your child's going to be stripped searched for drugs at school? BUT if your underage daughter wants to get an abortion her parents don't need to be notified? I'm just sayin', if we really wanna protect our children maybe it's something to think about.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photo Contest

Parents Magazine is having their annual cover photo contest. Enter your baby or toddlers photo for a chance to win the photo contest and you will automatically be entered to win their $10,000 sweepstakes as well.
There are two categories you can enter. You can enter up to 6 photos per contestant. You cannot submit a photo that has already won an award or a photo by a professional photographer.
  1. Baby: 3 months-24 months (photo cannot be older than 1 month)
  2. Toddler: 25 months - 6 years (photo can be 3 months old)

Have fun and good luck! You have until June 24th to enter. If you decide to enter I'd love to see the pics you chose!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Berry Sweet Award!

My SIL over at created her very own blog award. Isn't she talented? I had to show you because it co-ordinates with my strawberry smelling perfume from my previous blog entry. And I was thinkin, blog awards are like flair. The more you have the more you get noticed. Pieces of flair. Too fun! So, if you need a little flair in your life, go post this award on your blog. You deserve it. And no we didn't plan our strawberry post together. Just goes to show . . . great minds think alike!

I Smell Strawberries

This is my new perfume. I am thoroughly enjoying it. It's been years since I've had an actual new perfume and this one does not disappoint. As some describe, it is like strawberry sorbet and carmel popcorn. HELLO?! Yum. So good. And just in time for summer!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Class All the Way

Before Easter my MIL & SIL planned a girls day out. We started off the day at a Nordstrom Perfume event, got pedicures, lunch and shopped at the outlets. It was a great day and fun to have a break from the babies. I have never had my makeup done in a department store before and I had the opportunity to do that Saturday. I only got my eyes done and I had somuchfun! After using Mary Kay for almost 14 years (exclusively) I have actually tried some other products. When I was pregnant w/Luke I started using Bare Minerals and LUV the product. So, I have my first MAC (eye) products and so far so good. I had to include a picture of my eye makeup because you just can't see awesome I look with my too cute sunglasses. PS - ignore the crows feet.
Thanks ladies for a fun day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Better than Never

Finally getting around to posting Easter pics of the babes. We had a great day, went to the 8:30am Easter Service, then to Nana's house for lunch. Then it was off to my mom's for appetizers & we finished the day at a local restaurant to celebrate my brother's birthday. The babies did great and even manage to get some good snooze time in too. This is the year of Mickey and Minnie and Easter was no exception. Both kids got Mickey/Minnie Easter baskets and thought they were somethin' great.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom turns . . . well, it's unlady like to say, but her birthday is today. So from the babies to their Grandma Jean . . . Habby Burdey!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Giveaway!

Hey ladies! Misadventures of a Newlywed is a fun read and she is hosting a giveaway this week. Head on over, check out her blog and enter to win a super cute monogrammed beach towel!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

♥ Juicy Giveaway ♥

My SIL - April, over at dot ... dot ... dot ... has not one, but TWO Juicy giveaways going on RIGHT NOW!!! Check out her blog, leave her a comment and don't forget to tell her Yankee Wife sent you. That way we both get kudos for the giveaway! Hurry. Giveaway ends on April 20th.

Monday, April 13, 2009


We went to early Easter service at church. Baby girl fell asleep on the way home and continued to sleep for the next three hours. During which, Luke stripped himself of his Easter shirt and khaki pants. Hmmm . . . so no family picture on Easter with us all snazzed up and lookin' good. Here's some from last Sunday when it was actually sunny and "Eastery looking."

Natalie touching Luke.

Natalie still picking on Luke.

Finally separated the babies and Nat smiled! (sort-of)

Luke mimicking Grandma and "smiling"

Sunday, April 12, 2009


May your Easter be joyful as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour today!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Didn't You Get The Memo?

A strange thing happened today. My SIL April called around 9am asking what my plans for today were. It's not uncommon for Nana (my MIL) to take a day off during the work week and treat us mommies and grandkids to a yummy meal and a day out. Today proved no different as we quickly made plans to meet for breakfast and head to Costco to get food for Easter. First I needed to stop off at the dry cleaners to get some jeans altered. I picked up Nana so she could sit with the babies in the car while I stopped at the cleaners, we then headed to one of our fave breakfast places Biscuits. We waited at the restaurant while April dropped off her dog at the groomers and picked up her Grandma. (Apparently we needed to get some errands done today). They soon arrived and as April approached the table I started to laugh. "Nice outfit!" From head to toe we dressed like twins. Even our hair color looks the same! The funniest part about this is that we have had the same sweatshirts for at least 8 months and have never worn them when we have been together. As I was getting dressed this morning I even had this fleeting thought, "I wonder if April's gonna wear the same thing?!" Apparently she was! Just goes to show these two Duck fans have great taste!


My most favorite Easter time candy is the Cadbury creme egg. SO. GOOD. I have liked these since I was a little girl (I was awed by the fact that they had a yellow & white center . . . just like a REAL egg)! I still go gaga over them every year. Yesterday I tried the Cadbury caramel egg. Very yummy, but the creme egg is still my very fave! BTW . . . did you know that these have been around since 1923? WOW. What's your favorite Easter time candy?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I think I caught the blahs that were in bloggerland a week or so ago. Apparently my brain is a little mushy. I've got quite the massive stack of laundry to fold AND I need to free up space on my camera for Easter. Which means I need to download and order photo disks. Therefore the short post.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Ever had a day that started with high hopes? That was me this morning. Here was my original plan for today. Perfection it seems is only in the head.
  • Leave @ 10am to take the babies to my mom's house
  • 10:30am haircut/color for me
  • (maybe run an errand if my appt. didn't last too long before going back to my mom's house)
  • Color Easter eggs with Luke & my mom
  • Eat lunch
  • 1-1:30pm put Luke down for a nap @ my mom's house
  • 2pm put Nat down for a nap
  • Sit outside in the beautiful sunshine and cut 3 weeks of coupons while enjoying the peace & quiet of babies napping
  • 4pm meet my mom's friend & her two babies @ the park for a playdate.
  • 5pm head home
  • Grab quick dinner
  • Bathe babies & put to bed
  • Go grocery shopping

Instead, my day ended up sideways.

  • Prior to 8am get out of shower to a hysterical 2 year old red faced with tears. He feels hot.
  • Call doc's office arrange for 9:45am appt.
  • Get babies dressed/bags packed etc. while feeding bottles/juice & making calls.
  • Text hairdresser re:possibility of being late for hair appt.
  • Drop of Nat with Aunt April
  • Checked in @ docs office @ 9:45am. Three people check in after me. Three people get leave the waiting area before me. HUH???
  • Call hairdresser with the official notice. I WILL BE LATE. Reschedule for 2:45pm for cut only and no color :(
  • See doctor finally. Official diagnosis is TADA! Luke's first ear infection.
  • Drugstore for prescription
  • Starbucks while we wait. Mommy needed a treat by this time!
  • Shop a little @ drugstore.
  • Pick up Nat. Luke wakes her from her nap upon his arrival. She then falls from a sitting position & smacks her head on the hardwood floor.
  • Off to Grandmas! Finally arrive @ 12:30
  • Color Easter eggs in what felt like 2.4 minutes. Apparently Luke was feeling the need to hurry it up.
  • Feed babies lunch
  • Nat spit up so much that we stripped her down to her diaper & washed her clothes - gross. (did i forget to mention Luke soaked thru his jammies & I have a bed waiting for clean sheets @ home)???
  • Put babies down for naps & Grandma & mommy eat lunch
  • Spend 25 minutes outside cutting a couple coupons
  • 2:45 hair appt. (forgot checkbook @ home, had to borrow a check from my mom) wait 10-15 minutes for hairdresser.
  • Arrive @ my mom's @ 3:55pm to load up kids and go to park
  • Park playdate 4-5pm stretches to leaving in the car after changing a poopy diaper at 5:28pm
  • Run to store for dinner & prep dinner @ my mom's
  • Feed Nat her dinner. Give her a sweet potato fry to chew on.
  • Nat chokes on sweet potato fry and vomits up her dinner.

SERIOUSLY? That's what I call a sideways day. It was a beautiful day, just a little sideways.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Five Fav Things

Fabulous Fave Things

1. Starbucks Vanilla Latte

2. New Balance Running Shoes. Bestest EVAH!

3. Pottery Barn period. I may or may not have fav sheets to sleep in. And these are awefully cute!!!4. Of course a girl needs chocolate! M&M's anyone?

5. Of course this list wouldn't be complete without a shout from the babies. Their fav is Nuby brand cups. Baby girl likes these ones with the handles for juice only.

And Lukie Luke likes these ones. For warm vanilla soy only.

WHAT? My babies aren't particular. Not AT ALL.

Now . . . go check out this site. She's funny and got a FABULOUS giveaway goin' on.

Friday, April 3, 2009

7 Months

I blinked. Seems to me I just posted about baby girl turning six months. Didn't I? My baby girl is seven months today. SEVEN. Where did that whole half a year+ go??? She's pretty adorable, cute, funny, smiley, happy, easy going which is good. Very good. 'Cause if she was as intense as her brother (ahem, I mean mommy) then . . . well, lets just say Baker would maybe have to go have surgery. Anyhow. Baby girl is ready for Yankee season. A girl after her daddy's own heart!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Got Flair?

Oh my word. Flashback. Remember the movie Office Space? So. Funny. My SIL April had a cute post on her blog. Today her blog reminded me of how funny the movie Office Space was. And the part Jennifer Aniston plays. Remember? The waitress with only 15 pieces of flair? I would post the link from you tube, but uh, it includes her flipping off her boss. I didn't want that on my blog. So instead you get the watered down version of me blogging about a scene from a movie. Doesn't get any better than this!

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