Monday, April 6, 2009


Ever had a day that started with high hopes? That was me this morning. Here was my original plan for today. Perfection it seems is only in the head.
  • Leave @ 10am to take the babies to my mom's house
  • 10:30am haircut/color for me
  • (maybe run an errand if my appt. didn't last too long before going back to my mom's house)
  • Color Easter eggs with Luke & my mom
  • Eat lunch
  • 1-1:30pm put Luke down for a nap @ my mom's house
  • 2pm put Nat down for a nap
  • Sit outside in the beautiful sunshine and cut 3 weeks of coupons while enjoying the peace & quiet of babies napping
  • 4pm meet my mom's friend & her two babies @ the park for a playdate.
  • 5pm head home
  • Grab quick dinner
  • Bathe babies & put to bed
  • Go grocery shopping

Instead, my day ended up sideways.

  • Prior to 8am get out of shower to a hysterical 2 year old red faced with tears. He feels hot.
  • Call doc's office arrange for 9:45am appt.
  • Get babies dressed/bags packed etc. while feeding bottles/juice & making calls.
  • Text hairdresser re:possibility of being late for hair appt.
  • Drop of Nat with Aunt April
  • Checked in @ docs office @ 9:45am. Three people check in after me. Three people get leave the waiting area before me. HUH???
  • Call hairdresser with the official notice. I WILL BE LATE. Reschedule for 2:45pm for cut only and no color :(
  • See doctor finally. Official diagnosis is TADA! Luke's first ear infection.
  • Drugstore for prescription
  • Starbucks while we wait. Mommy needed a treat by this time!
  • Shop a little @ drugstore.
  • Pick up Nat. Luke wakes her from her nap upon his arrival. She then falls from a sitting position & smacks her head on the hardwood floor.
  • Off to Grandmas! Finally arrive @ 12:30
  • Color Easter eggs in what felt like 2.4 minutes. Apparently Luke was feeling the need to hurry it up.
  • Feed babies lunch
  • Nat spit up so much that we stripped her down to her diaper & washed her clothes - gross. (did i forget to mention Luke soaked thru his jammies & I have a bed waiting for clean sheets @ home)???
  • Put babies down for naps & Grandma & mommy eat lunch
  • Spend 25 minutes outside cutting a couple coupons
  • 2:45 hair appt. (forgot checkbook @ home, had to borrow a check from my mom) wait 10-15 minutes for hairdresser.
  • Arrive @ my mom's @ 3:55pm to load up kids and go to park
  • Park playdate 4-5pm stretches to leaving in the car after changing a poopy diaper at 5:28pm
  • Run to store for dinner & prep dinner @ my mom's
  • Feed Nat her dinner. Give her a sweet potato fry to chew on.
  • Nat chokes on sweet potato fry and vomits up her dinner.

SERIOUSLY? That's what I call a sideways day. It was a beautiful day, just a little sideways.


Emily said...

Ok...I'm exhausted just reading that!
Yikes...Pat better still be on the hook for Wednesday! :)
Sounds like you need it.

April said...

Well, I enjoyed my Natalie time ... sweet lil' punkin'! At least she got her morning breakfast and 2 hour nap at Aunt April's. I am glad I could help, and am looking forward to the next time - babysitting that is, not your next crazy day! LOL!

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