Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Class All the Way

Before Easter my MIL & SIL planned a girls day out. We started off the day at a Nordstrom Perfume event, got pedicures, lunch and shopped at the outlets. It was a great day and fun to have a break from the babies. I have never had my makeup done in a department store before and I had the opportunity to do that Saturday. I only got my eyes done and I had somuchfun! After using Mary Kay for almost 14 years (exclusively) I have actually tried some other products. When I was pregnant w/Luke I started using Bare Minerals and LUV the product. So, I have my first MAC (eye) products and so far so good. I had to include a picture of my eye makeup because you just can't see awesome I look with my too cute sunglasses. PS - ignore the crows feet.
Thanks ladies for a fun day!

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Alexis said...

I just got excited about using make up again- we Oregonians don't use it all that much. I think it's the weather- here's to Spring and Summer!

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