Monday, April 27, 2009

State of Play

One of my favorite movie genres is drama. A good suspense movie that keeps you guessing and trying to figure out the plot. Saturday night my little miss was CRABBY. So we called Papa & Grandma Jean, and whola! We went to a movie while miss crab potts went to bed. This movie didn't dis-appoint me at all. State of Play was a great suspense movie. I can say that because I ate all my junior mints and drank all my pop by the middle of the movie. For reals. The entire king sized box of junior mints. Good flick.

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Emily said...

And yay!!!
Only PG-13, so hard to find a good suspense movie these days that's not rated R.
Thanks for the recommendation, I love drama too...
some of my faves
Enemy of the State
The Fugitive
Double Jeopardy
(all of which are probably rated R, but still very good!)

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