Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm leaving for the beach for a few days. After I visit the dentist. yay. Can you sense my enthusiasm? The beach however . . . YAY! The babies and I will be driving and my brother will be keeping us company for the 2-1/2 hour drive. We are leaving the mouse that has been making messes in my kitchen cabinets and eating chunks out of the baby spoons (SO GROSS)behind for Baker to find and (ahem) properly dispose of. I'm completely and utterly grossed out that such a creature would take up residence in my home. But alas, it is a wonderful home and this little creature must have sensed that and wanted to join our wonderful little family. IT however, is NOT welcome. Hear what I'm sayin' little mouse? Go back to where you came from! PRONTO!!! Blogger peeps - TTYL. PS - I have a fun little giveaway coming up on May Day. Watch for it!


April said...

Tim says he is jealous of the 'man-cations' that Baker gets when you take the kids on a trip ... sigh.
Have a great time, and if you see anything at the outlets that I gotta have, call me ... I'll send you my credit card number! Ha, ha!!

scrapin'mama said...

I wish I was going too! I love the beach and I havn't had a vacation since my honeymoon almost 9 years ago....sigh. I second the notion about the outlet mall. Any must have, call me. Tell the babies to have fun in the sand.

Taryn said...

Grody! I am sorry about the mouse- good luck!

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