Saturday, April 4, 2009

Five Fav Things

Fabulous Fave Things

1. Starbucks Vanilla Latte

2. New Balance Running Shoes. Bestest EVAH!

3. Pottery Barn period. I may or may not have fav sheets to sleep in. And these are awefully cute!!!4. Of course a girl needs chocolate! M&M's anyone?

5. Of course this list wouldn't be complete without a shout from the babies. Their fav is Nuby brand cups. Baby girl likes these ones with the handles for juice only.

And Lukie Luke likes these ones. For warm vanilla soy only.

WHAT? My babies aren't particular. Not AT ALL.

Now . . . go check out this site. She's funny and got a FABULOUS giveaway goin' on.


Sassy Cass said...

Thanks for playing:) Those sheets are super cute!

Emily said...

How is it that I totally missed this post?
Great top 5!

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