Thursday, April 9, 2009


My most favorite Easter time candy is the Cadbury creme egg. SO. GOOD. I have liked these since I was a little girl (I was awed by the fact that they had a yellow & white center . . . just like a REAL egg)! I still go gaga over them every year. Yesterday I tried the Cadbury caramel egg. Very yummy, but the creme egg is still my very fave! BTW . . . did you know that these have been around since 1923? WOW. What's your favorite Easter time candy?


Erik and Mary said...

hmmmm, i love easter dark choc peanut M&M's!!! Actually I love dark choc peanut M&M's all the time, I just use holidays as an excuse to buy a bag and have a candy dish out :-) hee,hee! I also LOVE the easter Oreos. Oreos are only good double stuffed, and the holiday oreos are always doubly stuffed, but for some reason the yellow tastes oh, so good!
But I have to say I have not indulged in these yet this year. I am being a good girl (this week) and sticking to my 1200 calorie diet! Aghhhhh

Taryn said...

The Cadbury Egg is my all time fave too! Gotta love the yellow "yoke." (P.S. I can't remember who told me this- but they are pretty darn good if you freeze 'em.)

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