Friday, April 3, 2009

7 Months

I blinked. Seems to me I just posted about baby girl turning six months. Didn't I? My baby girl is seven months today. SEVEN. Where did that whole half a year+ go??? She's pretty adorable, cute, funny, smiley, happy, easy going which is good. Very good. 'Cause if she was as intense as her brother (ahem, I mean mommy) then . . . well, lets just say Baker would maybe have to go have surgery. Anyhow. Baby girl is ready for Yankee season. A girl after her daddy's own heart!


Erik and Mary said...

awww she is so stinkin cute! I forget how closer her and Mace are in age. We need to get them together! They need their girl power amongst all the those baker boys!

April said...

I just love my sweet little niece ... she's got the cutest personality and most adorable smile! :o) xoxo

Emily said...

Nat's so pretty, and has the most delightful smile.

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