Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Entertainment

Baker (the name I call my husband when I need his attention) and I have been talking lately how we don't think there are very many shows worth watching lately. One of our favorites October Road, we thought had lots of promise and were very excited to see return. However, the show was cancelled after two seasons. So, there are only a few shows which I enjoy watching and try to follow when time allows - and, yes I have a dvr - but that requires forethought and that Baker delete all of his recorded sports shows from the last 2 years - UGH!

Sundays - Desparate Housewives & sometimes Brothers & Sisters (although, I don't like all the content of these shows, and sometimes they get turned off)

Mondays - Jon & Kate Plus Eight

Tuesday - Biggest Loser Family

Wednesday - Private Practice (My absolute fav)

Thursday - Grey's Anatomy - SOOOO disappointed with the 2 hr. season opener!

What shows are your fav? Any you care to share?


Emily said...

Desperate Housewives if we're home from church yet.
Is that an oxymoron?
Well...like they say, it's my dirty little secret.

Bones on Monday nights.
House on Tuesday
The Office on Thursday
Garden time on Saturday morning...along with all the grannies!!!

JenWebb702 said...

I am a HUGE One Tree Hill fan, am loving the new 90210, and love Army Wives. Those are the three shows I must watch every week.
Natalie is gorgeous by the way. Congrats on the addition!!

Sister said...

I also like House...
There's also The Secret Life of An American Teenager, but it's not on right now...
hmmm.... oh yeah! Prison Break on Mondays!

Emily said...

Correction...Bones is on Wednesday nights...used to be Monday...
what the heck do I watch on Monday???
Who knows...
Haven't been watching too much primetime these days anyways.

But I do love me some Sealy Boothe.
He's my tv crush.

Erik and Mary said...

We have been dissapointed with Grey's since last year! It is getting too gross for us both.

Tues - Privileged (easy watch, brainless tv)

Wed - Americas next top model (so silly) - you always feel good about yourself when your sitting on you behind eating ice cream watching skinny models ;-)

Thursday - office is pretty funny

Friday (we really like Friday night lights but it hasn't returned yet)

Beeb said...

I'm so behind on TV. I like Desperate Housewives, but it's been like 2 years since I actually sat down and watched it!! Where does the time go?!

By the way, thanks so much for entering my giveaway and adding my link! Good luck. :)

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