Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My New Favorite Things

A good stoller can be hard to find. I finally found an umbrella stroller at a garage sale that my son liked . . . and that was stoller #3. So with two babies under 2 I went searching for a great stroller. I did my research and thought that the side by side chicco trevi twin was the solution. However, my car seat didn't fit and Natalie is too small to put next to her 30+ pound brother. So, I went searching for a different stroller and this is what I found.

I didn't think Luke would like this stroller at all considering he would have to sit in the back, but so far (it's been sitting in our front room where I assembled it) he loves to play in it. In fact he even took his blankies, Buzz (Lightyear), and Itsy Bitsy (his toy spider) into the back seat to keep him company while he played. So far, this stoller has manuvered perfectly around the island in our kitchen and I'm excited to try it out during vacation next week.

A new fav is my diaper bag. I wanted something that would keep my hands free, not slide off my shoulder and hold enough for 2 kids plus my wallet, phone, keys etc. So, one of my sister-in-laws friends had twins and had a ju ju be packabe backpack. I had never seen or heard of this brand or a bag with these features . . . but as I researched this bag, I liked it more and more. So this is my new diaper bag!

One of the things I like to carry in my bag are the shout wipes. I like these WAY more than the tide pens (they leave a smell and a ring around the stain) while these wipes don't have a smell or any remnant of a previous spill.

This leads me to my last favorite. There are days I've had enough of this thing, and days where I don't want to put it away because I know the benefits of breastmilk for my baby girl. I'm not the worlds foremost advocate on breastfeeding mostly because it's been a difficult road for me. But with a breastpump I've been able to continue feeding Natalie breastmilk since breastfeeding was well . . . a difficult option. I don't have this exact model (mine's a 2006 model from the year I had Luke) but they still function the same! The longer I give Natalie breastmilk the more excited I am to have a third child and maybe, just maybe I'll successfully be able to breastfeed! You never know . . . third time could be a charm.

Meanwhile, I'm still in search of a favorite bottle. I've had so many spills with the platex drop ins that it's driving me nuts! So if anyone has a favorite bottle, please leave me a comment and let me know!


Erik and Mary said...

Well as you know I use the born free bottles and love them. I only use a bottle every other day or so, but they have worked great! I also bought two Dr. Browns BPA free bottles. No leaking and very light weight. I have two friends who ONLY bottle feed and they use the Dr. Browns and love them.

Emily said...

I'm gonna have to try those shout wipes!!

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