Friday, October 31, 2008

The Art of Couponing . . .

takes more than cutting a coupon and "saving" money. Boy! It's a little more difficult than originally anticipated. I thought I had my list, my coupons and my determination and that was good, but what happens when the store is out of stock on your sale items??? OH NO! This was not good and threw a complete wrench into my planned trip to Safeway. I took my mom with me and that proved to be a great decision because at the check out line she put a buffer between me and the 10 other people behind us who were at the store for one item. And here I was explaining to the cashier that a double coupon was actually a coupon and not just "information." I in turn was . . . THE CRAZY COUPON LADY! Oh, no!!! The funny part is, that I didn't care one bit. I was determined to save some money, and you know what? I did! I saved 63% on my grocery bill. I only got 7 items, but it's a start. In fact, if you wanna see some great savings you should check out Super Coupon Girl's blog. INCREDIBLE!

1 comment:

Emily said...

It's definitely a "skill"!
Sunday paper comes out tonight.
And so it begins all over again....


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