Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear God . . .

My three year old is learning how to pray and it completely melts my heart every time I hear his passionate prayers.  A typical prayer usually goes something like this at meal time.

Dear God,
Thank you for Mom, Dad, Lukey, Nat and Summer. 
Thank you for the food,
make us strong,
make us healthy,

Sometimes he inserts our activities for the day, or the people we interacted with.  One of my most favorite prayers is when prays at the dinner table.  The first line is changed and goes a little something like this.

Dear God,
Thank you for Mom, Nat, Dad come over to our house . . .
(WA-HA,HA,HA,HA,HA, ummm . . . excuse me but doesn't Dad live here?)

And then there's the prayers he prayed all this last weekend while at the beach.  It was his first time he spent the night at by himself with Papa and Nana at the beach.  He was soooo excited and proud.  Apparently, he thought he was big stuff and was VERY special.  It reflected in his prayers.

Dear God,
Thank you for Nan, Mom, Dad, Lukey - I be special, (apparently he forgot about Papa and Nat)
thank you I go beach house
I be special . . .

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