Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Clash of the Titans . . . otherwise known as Buzz and Minnie!

There's a whole lotta Buzz Lightyear and Woody at our house.  A. WHOLE. LOT.  As in everyday, the Buzz and Woody interactive talking dolls get played with.  Well, almost every day.  You get the picture.  So, Toy Story 3 has been long marked on our calendar with much anticipation.  So for Father's Day, as a family with Papa and Nana we all went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D.  It was awesome! Except for the part where Natalie needed to go potty.  Then she was bored.  Then she needed to see Papa.  Then she needed more candy.  Then daddy took her out.  Then daddy brought her back.  Other than all that commotion it was great!

So, today in the car the kids and I were discussing what kind of party Natalie should have for her 2nd birthday.  And she pipes up from the very back of the car . . . "BUZZ!" 
So we discuss it some more. 
Luke suggested, "How about Ken and Barbie?" (Which incidently is his favorite characters from TS3)!
"Do you want a Barbie party, Nat?"  (crickets chirping).
"How about Minnie," I suggested? "MOUSE!" she replies.
"How about Tinkerbell?"  "YEAH!" As she throws her arms up and shakes her head.

I continued to mull it over seeing as how she had a Minnie Mouse birthday party last year and that would hardly be proper for my child to like the same character two years in a row.  GASP!  But, she doesn't really like Tinkerbell either.  And, let's face it.  My 21 month old girl does not know who Barbie is . . . yet.  What's a girl to do?

We were in the car yet again that evening when I asked her again, "Nat, do you want a Barbie, Minnie or Tinkerbell birthday?" 
Her response, (I kid you not) "BUZZ!"
To which Luke yells, "No!  Her can't have a Buzz Birthday!" 
And she smartly replies, "Woody" while pointing at Luke.  To say, Luke can have a Woody birthday and she will have a Buzz birthday!  (Because my daughter is that smart, and she knows just what to do/say to push her brother's buttons). 
"MOM! Buzz is for big boys not girls! Her can't have a Buzz birthday!"
"Luke?  You already had a Buzz birthday.  Could Natalie have a Buzz birthday too?  First you had one, now Nat can have one."
At which point he warmed up at the idea. 
Meanwhile daddy was admonishing mommy to not tease Luke.  (Who said I was teasing???)
"Just have a Minnie party again," says daddy.
To which I say, "BAH HUMBUG Daddy!"

Now . . . what kind of birthday party shall it be?  Details, details. 


April said...

How about a Toy Story 3 party? This way all the characters can be involved!! :o)

Shanna said...

I clicked to leave a comment so that I can say let her have her buzz party. My bro's ex girlfriend little boy had a care bear party and everybody was like why on Earth would she allow him to have that. He loved carebears so that is what he had. So, let her have her party. There is so much hype right now with TS3 that I can see why she would love it. Plus she may also be looking up to Luke.

That is a cute story! Plus what April says is true. Nothing wrong with a multi character party.

Emily said...

Hey Jackie...check out this blog post and the links...

The Raggedy Ann party is too cute for words!

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