Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Evidence Points Too . . .

Yesterday I went upstairs to change my shirt and "clean-up" aka put on deodorant when I realized baby girl wasn't around. 
I called her name and she soon appeared (weird 'cause this never happens). 
She was G.U.I.L.T.Y.
This is the trail I found.

(Why is it camera's can't focus on messes when you need them too?  There were berries all over the counter and a couple drawers).

Then there were the smooshed berries from her little hands reaching over the top.

But, mostly this was all the evidence I needed of who got into the berries!
PS - It was all over her arms and hands too.  Her hands were purplish/pink!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Hee hee, she's ADORABLE! Especially with smashed berries all over her face :) Like I said before, part of what I love about my bloggy-buddies is that they know JUST WHERE I AM...because they are RIGHT THERE TOO!!! :) Isn't it great that we can blog our kiddos shenanigans?! Have a great day :)

Nadia said...

so cute!!! Love her:)

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