Monday, September 27, 2010

Boy or Girl? That is the Question.

Today I go in for my "BIG" ultrasound.  I'm now 20 weeks or halfway through my pregnancy.  Because we have a boy and a girl...we have talked about not finding out what we are having.  Of course we are praying for healthy...all working organs etc.  That is our first priority.  We have everything we need.  We have boy stuff.  We have girl stuff.  We have baby stuff.  We have a crib, diaper pail, stoller, carseat, bouncy seat, changing table, swing and the list goes on...and on...and on. 

Quite frankly...Baker says enough is enough. 
Three babies is enough. 
I have times have said two was plenty. 
However, I'm just now getting the hang of this whole pregnancy thang. 
I mean seriously, I'm just getting this down. 

Anyhow...this is most likely it.  Therefore, we are thinking of being surprised when our baby is delivered.  We get mixed reactions when people say, "what are you having?"  Some people say, "I couldn't do that."  While others say, "that's exciting!" 

So, the questions you think we can do it?  Do you think we can wait and avoid looking at the ultrasound screen during our appointment?  And what is your experience?  Did you wait until you delivered to know what you were having or did you find out during your ultrasound?

Only time will tell (wink, wink)!



BabiesandBargains said...

Im dying to know. I want to not know on our 4th but jeff says no way lol

Shauntay said...

I just turned 21 weeks and like you, have a boy and a girl already. I thought about letting us be surprised, but bottom line...I just want to know, I can't wait that long!! Plus, I don't want a whole lot of non gender specific shower gifts :)

I do think it's awesome that you want to wait though! Good Luck!

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