Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is later this month...and I always love to go shopping for fall clothes and shoes to refresh my fall and winter wardrobe.  However, this year being six months pregnant it's a little hard to go shopping for cute jeans.  I mean really...who wants to spend a lot of money on jeans that won't fit in 4 more months???  Not me!  And honestly, there's not many stores close by that carry cute maternity clothes.  So...I've been keeping my eyes open for gift ideas other than clothing. 

Our current camera we bought the weekend before Luke was born...almost 4 years ago!  It's taken a beating and I'm concerned it's gonna go out on me when I need it the most.  Meaning...right when the baby is born.  Ha ha!  So I've had my eyes on this updated version of our current camera.  On sale @ Costco this month! 
I've decided that watches are a great accessory.  And I luv the Fossil chunky watches...and I luv HOT PINK!  How cute is this???

 And of course a new purse always helps a girl feel cute and trendy!  This bag from Fossil comes in various colors.  I love the metalic silver.  And the purple.  And the red.  Go figure!

I use to have two of these Starbucks cups.  A venti cup and a grande cup.  I used them ALL THE TIME!  My kids loved using them too!  Unfortunately, both of them busted within a week or two of each other and I had to throw them out.  I was sooooo bummed.  I can't wait to get my hands on another Venti cold cup.  And seriously people...I know there are TONS of other companies making these cold cups in cute prints.  But it's not the same as the real deal.  Just so we are clear. 
PS - I have visions of taking this cup with me to the hospital.  Big plans for this cup.  HUGE!
About a year ago my MIL introduced me to Philosophy skin care.  Up until that point I was a very faithful Mary Kay skin care follower.  I saw a big difference in my skin.  I the philosophy skin care!  This is the skin care set I tried and loved.
 This particular vitamin C serum is awesome!  It reduced the redness in my face, evened out my skin tones and softend my skin.  This stuff rocks!
 Smallest, but certainly not least is my most favorite chapstick EVER!  I love mint and I love how it feels on my lips.  One chapstick seriously last me a year or more.  I gave this to Baker in his Christmas stocking one year...found it a year later unopened and took it back for myself.  He totally missed out.  Oh can find it @ Bath and Body :) could I forget this awesome fragrance by Philosophy?!  This fragrance is light and smells like a mixture of vanilla and yummy!  I love the fruitier fragrances and I've had my eyes on this one for almost a year now.

There 'ya have it.  Whether you wanted to know or not...those are some of my birthday wish list ideas. 


Candice said...

I LOVE the Philosophy Unconditional Love fragrance!! I use the body lotion every day!

April said...

Thank goodness you posted this!!!! I was stuck this year ... mostly because you are preggers this b-day. Thanks for the tips!!

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