Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Compliment of Sorts

Yesterday morning we took Patrick's folks to breakfast at Bob's Red Mill. They have some of the most delicious breakfast and lunch foods and are very reasonably priced. Seeing as how Patrick and his dad had just returned from New York we wanted to say thank you for the trip and all his folks have done to help us prepare for our next baby's arrival. One last breakfast before baby #2!
Anyhow, you have to order your meal at the counter prior to finding a seat, and help yourself to your own drinks and it was a busy Saturday morning. The lady behind the counter was a bit frazzled as we kept adding another carton of milk, another cup of coffee, a yogurt, and one of the staff was talking to her in one ear and we were talking to figure out who wanted what, "did we need another coffee?" She didn't seem THAT friendly, and told us it would be a half hour until we got our food. Okay. So, Patrick and I are standing there waiting for her to re-read our order to us and she tells us the total. I pull an envelope out of my purse that has some cash in it, and the lady behind the counter says, "Alright! Dave Ramsey!" I smile. Suddenly she is friendly and tells us that she took Dave Ramseys class and that she is flunking. She needs to take it again because she is getting an "F." We chuckle and smile and I realize that Patrick & I have been paid a compliment. We received a little pat on the back from a complete stranger who recognized that we are attempting to be responsible with our finances. Not a bad start to the weekend!


Emily said...

ha ha...that's funny!!
I think it's funny that she did such a 180 too.
good post!!

Kelly said...

Hi Jackie
I wanted to stop by and thank you for the nice compliment you left on my blog the other day. It was a very sweet thing for you to do! Thanks!
My husband's a big Dave Ramsey fan. They're starting his seminar at our church in a couple weeks and my husband really wants to take it. Unfortunately it's on Wednesday nights and we're already committed in youth group.

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