Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost Free

So, Saturday I decided to head to Albertsons for a mini shopping trip to grab a couple deals. I received a couple samples this week from Fiber One and Kashi . . . and samples include COUPONS!!! I must say that Fiber One bars are super yummy! I splurged and got Fiber One Toaster treats (pop tarts) which I mostly just never ever buy. But since I love chocolate I figured this was a good alternative to ice cream or cookies. Kashi ceral bars are good too. They taste like a cereal bar : ) I got the apples ones for Baker to see if I can entice him into starting a new trend in 2009 of eating breakfast. We'll see if it works. If it doesn't then at least Luke will eat them and they were way less expensive than those organic toddler bars! Anyhow, regular price these three items total $12.57. I paid $1.00. Gotta love a good deal!


Emily said...

What a great deal.
Can't wait to see what magic you make with that catalina.
Will you go for another one?

Jackie said...

Yep - either tonight or tomorrow : ) I'm gonna roll it and get some more baking supplies and such and use my next catalina for my Thanksgiving veggie tray. At least that's how it works in my head. We shall see!

Emily said...

ok...haha...I'm almost out of texts so I'll just answer here!!
Sounds like a great plan to me.
I just went to Winco for my veggie tray.
Oh ya...I never answered you.
The 82nd winco is dumb.
I hate it.
This is why... the customers are ruder, they don't carry as much as Gresham, The customers are very rude...and did I mention that the customers are rude?
It was awful. Good thing it wasn't a full blown shopping trip, I might not have made it out alive.

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