Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vaca Recap

While on vacation, we stopped to pose with a poster of some very famous characters in our household.  Buzz and Woody are like, SO COOL and June 18th is a very big day this year.  HUGE!
And then we like ran into FAMOUS people characters.
We spent the day playing here.
I kinda tricked Baker into going on this ride with me and my bro-in-law.  He HATES heights.  And this drop is only like 84 feet.  But, he still talks to me so it's all good.
We ate.
And we ate some more.
Best of all . . . we just got to be together, in the sunshine - and without any babies needing us for 5 days!


Nadia said...

So jealous! You look so cute in all your outfits! Glad you had fun, glad you're back:)

Nana B said...

You two looked like you had so much fun! Love the pictures.


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