Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I'm behind, and my behind is getting bigger. No joke. I miss our routine, I miss my workouts and I miss my children. You know, the cute, funny, happy children who are fed good meals (minus the sugar) and take naps and go to bed on time. Not the little kids who are whiny, disheveled, and melt down any time you give them instructions. We had a wonderful Christmas minus the meltdowns at EVERY. SINGLE. CELEBRATION. Lots of Christmas, too much sugar and too little sleep for the kiddos. Still . . . we had a very Merry Christmas. Now, if I could just find my floor.
Daddy and his kids
Natalie opening presents
Nat's new baby doll
Luke & his cousins
My siblings (oldest to youngest L to R)


Nan said...

I love the pictures! Christmas was fun, and so enjoyable with Natalie being old enough to open presents now! She loves her baby doll, so sweet!

Mom said...

Great Pics! Thanks, Jackie! You and your siblings are so adorable :)

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