Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Mom Santa,

Dear Mom Santa,

I have been making a list and checkin' it twice. Why? Because everything I posted on my blog for birthday gift ideas were taken very seriously and noted to the tee. I apparently left out some important things such as sizes and colors which added stress to the whole shopping experience. So I will be more specific this time, although, I'm sure you know me well and what I like already.

You know how much I ♥ coffee. Well, I could save a bundle with the help of these guys. Peppermint mochas are Y.U.M.M.Y! But, you already knew that I'm sure.

If you think making my own mocha just sounds like too much work and not festive enough (it's the holiday's enjoy yourself!) then I would always take a gift card to the special happy mommy store. Also known as Starbucks.

And, if you really wanted to give me a gift . . . the gift of alone time is priceless! Free babysitting and a copy of one of these books for good reading while at the coffee shop = a little slice of heaven!

Speaking of time, I'm a sucker for cute watches. These Fossil watches are SO CUTE! I like black or purple.
I mean really. How awesome is the purple? And I use to not be a purple girl. What was I missing?
And, while I was perusing the Fossil store, I also came across this cute sweater. I think these kind of chunky sweaters are so comfy and cute too! (Size medium, please)!
And while my mom-in-law treats for nails, lets just say mine still take a beating. Washing my hands all day long and scraping things off floors, counters, tables, cupboards . . . you name it,
I scrape it. With my nails. So, I would luv me a good top coat to help my nails look fresh while in between visits to the nail salon. I have no idea where I found this cute sweater at, but I'm thinkin' Buckle.com. Isn't it cute? Nordy's had a style like this too, but I could find a color or size for me. Really likin' the grey. Probably a medium, but possibly a small depending on the fit of sweater.
And, don't roll your eyes, but I could use another sweatshirt. I've already worn my green one way too many times. (Is three times a week too excessive)?
Mom, Santa - I really, really, really, like this new perfume from Viktor & Rolf, Eau Mega. I wasn't quite sure if I liked it, but I used the entire sample up and realized that yes indeed, I am quite fond of this perfume. I love to smell good. And I can smell this scent all day long. Delicious!
I am also fond of this little gift set. Not diggin' the whole skull thing. But vanilla and strawberries = Y.U.M.
I would luv to try this stuff on my unfortunate breakouts! Philosophy is quickly becoming a fav!

Speaking of philosophy I like this scent to replace my Falling in Love (everyday scent).
I found these comfy looking lounge pants on Anne Taylor Loft.com. I enjoy a good lounge pant. They don't need to be from this store, but I really like the style. Probably a small or medium. A little unsure on the size. But the style, perfect!

And last but certainly not least, is this beauty! I've been a very, very, good girl this year. And do you remember Mom Santa when I got that big, cute red bag this spring? And it was my absolute fav, until the straps just about wore through after 3 weeks of use? And I was sad, because I really, really, really liked that bag? And then I realized to get a good quality bag like the one that broke meant spending $300+ because it needed to be leather to hold all my stuff and not break. So that meant no super, duper cute purse? I found one. I found one on CLEARANCE. As in at least half price clearance. Nordstroms.com

It's so beautiful! BIG. SIGH.
Anyhow, I think the list is probably longer than it should be so I'll conclude. There's a couple things I don't have pictures for like running shoes (size 8-1/2 wide) and workout clothes (size small bottoms and medium tops) and probably more things that I've forgotten, and yet don't need. If you have any questions, well . . . you know where to find me!


Original Mom said...

LOL! Very cute :)

Emily said...

haha...how funny.
I'm sure more than "mom" will find this list helpful...
are you out there?

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