Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year New Me

We are off! We leave for the beach today for an extended holiday! The little ones and I are very excited to spend some quality time with daddy and the rest of the Baker Fam. Daddy has been working some long hours and late nights. Thank goodness year end only comes one time a year, huh?!

Come 2010 . . . the gym and I have some long overdue dates together. Also, Baker gave me a tanning package for Christmas. Just what the doctor ordered. That is way exciting, because it's no problem to tan after a workout while the kids are in childcare. Pretend warm sunshine and babysitting? Not a bad gift. Remember the post re: vitamin D deficiency? Hopefully, this tanning thing will help boost my vitamin D count as well as give me a nice glow. However, if you were wondering, I am taking 2,000 IU's of Vitamin D a day. Or when I remember. Which ever comes first.

Anyhow, as I always say, "tan fat is better than white fat!"

Here's to a great New Years Eve and lookin' good in 2010!

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Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Yay for you, Have fun on your trip :) Tan + workout and free babysitting? Sounds like Math that I might actually enjoy :)

P.s. LOVING the MAC lip gloss. That stuff ROCKS....well, and glitters :) thank you!

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