Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life Happens

I have been the worst blogger!  Honestly, life . . . a lot of life has been happening.  It's been GORGEOUS outside . . . and we try to get lots of energy out at the park when we can.  Which means we are home less, and therefore blogging less.  Also, Luke is making some transitions in his schedule which means that I get a) little or b) no break during my day.  Such a bummer.  Because anyone who knows me knows that I ♥ naptime.  Major heart.  And this momma . . . well, I'm tryin' to make some changes too which involves time, priorities and organization.  All of which push blogging to the very end of my too do list.  I have a fun change in store for my blog which should be coming soon.  Very soon - watch for it!

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Nadia said...

Jackie! I so didn't know you were a blogger! Well you're now on my list...yay!

Ok, and a few things about your other posts...
-your kids are adorable
-love all the clothes, you are in such great shape, you inspire me at the gym
-I have the same swim suit:)
-you have to read these two books in your quest this year: Scared, and Jantzen's Gift. Life changing.

Fun hanging out with you guys again today! See you for a little tonight...

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