Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Am THE Biggest Loser!

And proud of it! That's right folks. I won the competition at my gym. I lost 5% body fat in the last six weeks and walked away with $100. Not bad. Not bad at all. Not only that, but my pants are falling down (I apparently went down a size) and my shirts are getting to be too big. Which means that I'll be able to get some new clothes this fall! I would however like to lose another 20 pounds approximately which would mean another 2-3 sizes. Therefore, I won't be getting a whole new wardrobe just yet. The next round of biggest Loser starts on September 16th. And I'll be there!
(And maybe . . . just maybe if I remember, and am feeling extremely confident, I'll post some pictures. Just don't hold your breath).


Mom said...

I am so proud of you !

Lindsey said...

Well done!!!! WOOHOO!

Erik and Mary said...

WOW that is awesome! Good for you jackie! You are giving me inspiration! ;-)

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