Monday, September 14, 2009

I ♥ Fall

Fall is in the air around here. This last weekend I picked up a few things to decorate for fall. I ♥ fall. Baker and I both have fall birthdays, I love the cool crisp air, the leaves changing, football and of course the anticipation of Thanksgiving followed by Luke's birthday and Christmas!
My SIL April and my friend Emily came over Saturday night while the guys were at the Duck vs. Purdue game and helped give me some fresh ideas on how to decorate my front room. It turned out wonderful and makes me even more excited for the upcoming months. Thanks ladies!
BTW - I found an ad for this decor company called Check them out - there are multiple locations in states across the U.S. I would luv to be able to check one out in the near future!

PS - Thank you ladies for entering the Shop 'Til You Drop Giveaway! Because only a few of you entered, you all won - and I sent extras! You should be receiving your gift checks in today or hopefully tomorrow at the latest.


Momma Jean said...

I love this place - there is one in Sellwood and one in O.C. Let's go there!

April said...

Oooh ... we should plan to all go!!

Mom B said...

Jackie, Awesome store, I am all for going, count me in!!

Mom B

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