Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Squeaky Clean

I luv Tide detergent. My favorite scent is original. Can you believe that? Out of all the scents there are for laundry detergent I like the original scent of Tide. So why is this important? It's not. Except that I have tried a couple of the fragrance "free" detergents and my laundry doesn't smell. Like anything. It's kinda weird. My latest laundry detergent experiment was with a brand at Safeway - Bright Green detergent. And I honestly don't like this detergent. So, I pulled out a little bottle of Tide original scent and fell in luv again. So much that I'm having a hard time using up the big bottle of Bright Green. And with all my smelly gym laundry that I'm doing these days I need to know my clothes don't smell like sweat. With Tide, my laundry smells clean again. Sometimes it's the little things . . .

1 comment:

Erik and Mary said...

I have to agree. That is my favorite smell as well!

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