Thursday, August 27, 2009

Questions of a Stay at Home Mom

Why do babies poop in fresh diapers? The one you just changed less than 5 minutes ago?

How is it that one little boy can manage to pee on his shirt, underwear and shorts/pants all in the same restroom visit?

How is it the children's clothes are clean when you leave the house yet dirty upon arriving at your destination?

I wonder how many times I say these phrases in one day. "Put your underware back on!" And this one. "Where's your shorts?" And this one. "Why don't you have any clothes on?" And this one. "Why did you do that???" And of course, we can't forget this one. "What ARE you doing?"

1 comment:

Emily said...

Don't forget....

and the ever popular...

"Why did you just bite the dog?"
(or is that just me) I said that one yesterday.

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