Sunday, August 2, 2009

While Dad's Away . . . Chaos Happens.

This weekend Baker was away spending time with his dad and brother and the kids and I had quite the adventures. During that time the following happened:

- I had plans to get together with my friend and her kids from Seattle. Nat had fever blisters and the plans were cancelled because she was contagious. Then, another friend who was going to help me make Baby Girl's birthday invites was sick and had to reschedule too. All was not lost, I still had a sitter and my sister and I went to a movie. While at the mall I ran into a childhood friend who I hadn't seen in ages. We exchanged numbers and want to get together soon.

- Baby girl was fighting fever blisters and canker sores (in & surrounding her mouth) and slept horribly. Waking up every 2 hours throughout the night. Mommy slept from 1-2:45ish and again from 4:15am - 7:15am. (ICK).

- Prior to leaving for breakfast, Natalie fell down the stairs. Apparently, after very little sleep, I managed to not remember to latch the gate at the top of the stairs. She was so calm about the whole thing. I was shaking and trying so hard not to cry. After that, I told the kiddos that we needed to pray. We needed to thank Jesus for protecting Natalie from being hurt. Ya'll . . . there wasn't a bump or scratch on her. I decided right then and there that whatever else may happen that we were gonna praise and worship the Lord the rest of the day.

- We went to breakfast, Nana treated the kiddos to new toys with a trip to Toys 'R Us and Target and then we headed home for naps. Grandma Jean and Papa came to sit for an hour or so during nap time so I could head to the gym. THANK YOU!!! For dinner we went out with my sister. Upon walking into the restaurant Luke tripped and skinned up his arm. He doesn't usually cry. He had tears and sucked them up so fast. He was such the trooper.

- While at dinner my mom left a message on my phone. My Grandpa got admitted to the hospital. The consensus was dehydration and he is doing fine.

- Sunday was much less eventful, except I called poison control mid-morning because Luke decided to bite open a Disney plastic ice cube with a water like solution and drink it. I wasn't sure what it was, but decided to be safe rather than sorry. I got some classy advice from the nurse. "Give him extra fluids today. Not so much that he becomes bloated and vomits." Okay, seriously? WHO DOES THAT? Besides apparently, he is wanting more fluids. HA!

- All in all, Sunday was a good day and we got to meet up with my friend and her family before they went home to Seattle.

Honestly, I'm hoping for an uneventful week.

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Emily said...

Hmmmmm I dunno which weekend I would've rather chosen though...probly yours! :)
Yikes, having hubby gone would have made it eventful enough for me, but fever blisters, falls???? I feel for ya!
We should get together this that all I have to do is unpack...and I DONT WANNA WORK ANYMORE!!!!

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