Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Wanna Be The Biggest Loser

I've mentioned before how much I love to watch the show, Biggest Loser. The transformation that takes place from the first week to the end of the show blows me away every season. Well, Baker and I decided it's high time we start spending some hard core time devoted to getting in shape. Baker use to be an avid runner & work out 2hrs a day, (he ran the Portland Marathon right before we started dating) and I use to not be fat. HA! Okay, I cheered in high school and college. I was a size 4 when I started dating Baker.

So fast forward to today after three moves, and three pregnancies, and two babies later and well . . . Baker has to use an inhaler now and I have never ran a mile straight except back in gym class. Sad. SO. SAD. But! We signed up for the Biggest Loser 6 week challenge at our gym and we are committed. We aren't going to be apathetic about our health anymore.

One of the things I committed to do is take a strength training class two days a week at the gym. You know what happens when a flabby, out of shape, momma takes an hour long weights class? She takes a two hour afternoon nap with her babies. No joke folks. That class kicks my butt. So if you wanna know where some of my bloggy time has gone . . . it's to the gym, to shower, and then nap.

I ♥ naps.


BabiesandBargains said...

I joined spark people and watch my calorie intake..(basically I learned what a portion was lol) I didnt deprive myself but just had to think about what I wanted to eat. I also walked 5 nights a week for 25 mins and I lost 30 lbs!!

Emily said...

Yay for you guys!!! :) commitment and getting yourself to the gym is most of the battle! And then there is that small matter of food....

Erik and Mary said...

I hear ya ! Good for you guys! The gym kicks my butt every am from 9 -10:30 am then I "rest" while baby sleeps ;-)

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