Saturday, August 15, 2009

200th Blog Post

This is my 200th blog post. While I thought about and prepared for a giveaway (albeit, last minute) I decided to leave you with one of my finer moments of everyday life. As for a giveaway, I'll be doing one on Monday!

Today, while getting ready to attend a Bridal shower luncheon, I was putting on my eye makeup. While applying my eyeliner, I realized it wasn't looking right. It was fat, and the lines weren't straight, there were gaps in the line etc.

I took my thin eye liner brush, brushed on some more black liner and tried to even out the lines. No go. Grabbed a q-tip to smug the lines. Nothing worked. Okay. I was quickly running outta time.

I grabbed a bottle of Mary Kay's Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover and decided to start over. I doused my q-tips and started scrubbing away. Kinda weird. This eye makeup remover should take it right off.

Stupid liner. Maybe it's old, I thought.

While scrubbing off the liner from the second eye both eyes started to burn a little. I grabbed the bottle again. While picking it up I realized it wasn't the right bottle.

I suddenly realized I had run out of the Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. GASP. WHAT WAS I USING??? My Blemish Control (for acne) Toner. On. My. Eyes.

And that folks - is my mindless mommy brained moment of the week.


Anonymous said...

You know what I thought was cute....had that been one of your little ones you would have been on the phone with poison control. I love reading your stories.

scrapin'mama said...

Oh, honey! That really stings! I have an extra bottle for you that will never get used since I never get time to even put on make up. I will send it your way.

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