Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Debt

One of my New Years resolutions was to read twelve books throughout the year.  So, I started by finishing a few books that were just layin' around and oh yeah - three quarters finished.  whoops.
The first book I finished was, The Debt: The Story of a Past Redeemed.
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This book was an easy read, with a good, somewhat predictable storyline.  A pastor's wife with a past she can't forget.  She lives a very high profile life, yet is stuck in a bubble.  She finds she has secluded herself from the rest of the world by doing "God's" work.  This leads to some very conflicting moments within her own heart and mind as well as her relationship with her husband in trying to find her place "in this world, but not of it." 
This book obviously didn't draw me in as some books do.  I was able to put it down for months and even forget a bit of the story line.  Good book, but not a book to leave the kids in their jammies all day while I read :)

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