Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Workin' it Out Wednesday

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time then you know how much I ♥ the show, The Biggest Loser.  Super big puffy heart kinda luv!  A new season just started on January 5th I believe, and you can bet your money I've been following this season as well. 
With that said . . . I'm a little disappointed with the season to this point.  I was trying to figure out why this season is different.  The word that kept coming to mind is indifference.  The majority of the contestants on this seasons show got to where they are because they just didn't care.  They've always been fat.  They just kept eating.  They don't know anything different.  At least this is the attitude and impression I have been left with while watching the show.  It has been extremely hard for me to chose a team that I'm drawn too.  A team I connect with.  A team I'm routing for.  Its harder to chose a team to connect with when many of them have very similiar stories. 
Then there was a stirring in my own heart.  "What makes you so different from them?"  Maybe you aren't overweight, but you overeat.  What about you, Jackie?  Your attitude of indifference is no different than their's. What about spending time with Me.  In My Word.  In prayer.  What about sitting on the couch and choosing to watch television and setting Me aside?  How's that for an attitude of indifference? 
Again I am humbled.  It's so easy to focus on one or two aspects or my life such as growing spiritually, exercising, eating healthy, keeping the house clean, working hard, be an attentive spouse, a loving parent, a supportive friend, a caring daughter . . . but to put it all into balance is a completely different story. It's EASY to become indifferent to the areas of my life that are out of balance.  The areas I neglect because sometimes it's all too much and easier to ignore.  So, my question to you is, being a month into the New Year, how are your resolutions coming along?  What is it you do to help keep your life balanced?  

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Emily said...

This is my struggle too!!
Trying to do my Bible study before Wyatt wakes up...or it doesn't get done.
But I'm about 2 weeks behind. *sigh*
I spent the last couple of days reading that book. And I do mean DAYS.
I guess, we've all been there.

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