Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ordinary Days

A moment between brother and sister like this usually doesn't last for long around here.  If I were to take a picture following this it would most likely include tears and something like, "Nat's in my space" being shouted towards towards his sister.  But some days, like this one . . . it's just as it appears.

And this silly girl, cannot stay clean.  She usually goes through two shirts a day.  I tried to salvage the shirt this particular day . . . only to find I had to completely rinse out her jeans as they were completely covered in strawberry yogurt.

Sometimes I come around the corner to find my tough boy watching a cartoon and sitting with his sister's "baby" on his lap - feeding it with a play bottle.  Sometimes he throws the baby and lets out a very loud, "BLAH!"  And sometimes I'll ask, "what 'ya doin'?"  And my sweet boy smiles at me without saying a word.  And the picture truely becomes worth a thousand words.

At the end of the day whether it's been full of fun, filled with tears or just routine laundry, dishes and naps . . . we are grateful for each other and another day together.  Even if girlie woke up her brother at midnight and none of us got much sleep.  Just keepin' it real ;)

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Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Had to laugh b/c Lil Chick is the MESSIEST human alive :) And yes, she too was covered in strawberry yogurt tonight. No skipping baths at our house! :)

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