Friday, February 5, 2010

Free Friday

So . . . in December when I was Christmas shopping with my MIL, I found this awesome Duck t-shirt.  It looked cute, comfy and it wasn't white or dark green - yay!  And while I should have been Christmas shopping . . . (I actually was when I found it) I went ahead and got it.  And get this . . . it was FREE.  That's right.  The last two years, JCPenny's has send me a $10 off coupon before Christmas.  My shirt was $9.99 and I used my $10 off coupon, and whola!  The cashier rounded up my t-shirt to $10 and I walked out of the store paying nothing for a super cute tee.  How awesome is that for a freebie deal?!


Candice said...

Super cute shirt!! It is so hard to find Duck gear that is not green/white. Gotta love that smokin deal too!!!

Taryn said...

nice- we did that once a Macy's with some chocolates. Perfection!

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