Thursday, July 17, 2008

Food for the Picky

Tonight I got my hands on this cookbook that I saw on Oprah by Jessica Seinfeld. The most wonderful thing about this is that the receipes are "normal" foods that my hubby and baby would be likely to eat. Macaroni, pizza, mozzerella sticks, scrambled eggs, chocolate chip cookies etc. The difference is you make vegetable purees and hide them in these "normal" foods. Now, my goal will be to make the purees and freeze them prior to little Nat showing up. I've got six weeks . . . I better schedule a day. By the way . . . Em I'm not trying to steal your thunder. I still wanna see a post regarding your experience. Emily made some awesome brownies from this cookbook and hmmmm, hmmmm, yum! I had two!!! What made it guilt free was the fact that they had carrots and spinach in them. Perfect for a big bellied prego gal like me! : )


Emily said...

tee hee.
JK'll need a day.
So did you buy the book?
Did you tell Pat, or is it gonna be a secret....doesn't he read your blog?
You'd better erase this never happened!!!

April said...

Let me know when you plan a day ... I wanna join you! I'll copy down some of the recipes to try with my boys! I have a mini food processor that I can bring, too. Oh the fun we will have!

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