Tuesday, July 22, 2008

People say the strangest things . . .

Today I was at our local grocery store where I usually frequent once a week for our milk and some produce. I was in line to purchase my items when the clerk asked, "have you gotten bigger since I've last seen you?" Mind you, I am 33 weeks pregnant, I was wearing a white t-shirt and no makeup (not the best outfit) and thinking . . . "what would that mean if my belly hadn't grown in the final trimester of pregnancy?" In other words, "DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Okay lady . . . here's your sign. (For those of you who don't know what a stupid sign is click here). She then proceeded to tell me that she had three children of her own. In other words, she has experienced pregnancy and still . . . asked a stupid question. Last Friday, I had two ladies in the same day ask how much longer I had to go, I said 6-1/2 weeks. Both women had eyes as large as saucers and said "Wow! You still have a ways to go!" or "That's a long time!" I was with my mom when one lady made her comment. I leaned over and said, "that's the second time today!" Apparently, people use to make the same senseless comments to my mother when she was pregnant too. So, that leads me to believe that not only to people say senseless things, but that my belly is large. I didn't accomplish the petite looking figure with a bump in front with my last pregnancy or with this one. Oh well. Maybe third time will be a charm. Only 6 more weeks to go. Might as well enjoy it and have a brownie : )

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Erik and Mary said...

AMEN!!! Eat those yummy brownies! Natalie needs the chocolate! ;-)

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