Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Puree Day

So, after getting my hands on the cookbook "Deceptively Delicious" I purchased a few veggies: organic carrots & sweet potatoes and cauliflower to puree and put in my freezer for future meals. My sister-in-law April came over Thursday afternoon and while the boys played out on the deck we created a tornado in my kitchen of different colored purees. An hour later, the sweet potatoes were finally done baking, my carrots (which according to the instructions on my new rice steamer only took 15 minutes but actually took 45 minutes) were still in the process of steaming and April who resorted to using my microwave steamer for her cauliflower was whipping up puree in her minature food processor. By 4pm the kitchen was a complete and utter disaster area and the steamer was still in use, and a what felt like half of my kitchen gadgets and appliances were dirty and scattered among the kitchen including but not limited too: the blender, the mini food processor, the magic bullet, the micro steamer, my cookie tray, several spatulas, spoons, bowls and more. So, the least I could do is try out a recipe. So after the carrots finished steaming (FINALLY) we tried a little recipe out on my nephew who doesn't like veggies and even April (who doesn't like carrots) couldn't taste the deceptive ingredient! This is what we made.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip (with carrots) page 163

(modified to what I had in my fridge and I omited the salt)

1/2 c. creamy organic peanut butter

1/2 c. whipped cream cheese

6 TBSP. chocolate Hershey's syrup

1/4 c. organic carrot puree

sliced apples for dipping

So . . . the verdict. I still don't know. I have several bags of puree in my freezer and I think the recipes are going to be great, but I didn't go into it being organized. First off, I didn't have mini freezer bags, I only had quart size bags. Secondly, time savers would include doing smaller amounts of puree at one time such as 1lb. bag of baby carrots vs. carrots I have to wash, peel, and cut. Thirdly, it would really help to have a food processor. My blender was horrible and I wouldn't use it again for this type of job. I prefered my magic bullet because the puree came out more smooth and creamier and more quickly, but it wasn't good for large amounts of puree. So, I might attempt this again. I went into it realizing I could do this for Natalie when she's old enough to start eating baby food, instead of buying so much prepared baby food. The plus side to the puree day was doing it with a friend. The boys had a great day playing and April and I had a fun time together - eating McDonald's and preparing veggies . . . how ironic, don't you think?!


April said...

We did have a good time!! That should count for something! LOL! Even though it was a long and messy process (again, so sorry for wiping out your kitchen!!), I think we should give it another shot. It was worth it for me to see Maddox eating veggies he knew nothing about! Let's plan it for my house next time ... it's my turn to clean!

Emily said...

Oh my...sounds like you guys had the same experience as me!!!
She must be a whiz.
Seriously though...I'd take that steamer back. Too long for carrots.
I just threw the carrots, cauliflower and spinach into the steamer that came with my pots and pans. The carrots took what she says it will.
I forget now, but about 12 - 14 min.
That chocolate dip sounded good.
Yesterday, I made Wyatt Ryan and I boxed mac and cheese but instead of following the directions, I put about a tbsp of butter no milk and a 1/2 c packet of cauliflower.
Wyatt ate his entire bowl, and for Ryan and I it tasted like cheesy cauliflower.
Which, I think is delicious!!

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