Monday, July 7, 2008

Search for the perfect coffee

Our family went to the beach this last weekend. My husbands folks have a beach house in Gearhart so for the 4th of July we celebrated at the coast. One of my favorite things to do anytime is enjoy a good latte or mocha. I'm a coffee junkie and have been for the last 12 years. I've had my favorite places over the years and often they have been little drive thrus or small coffee shops. However, I somehow switched to the big "S" at some point. Perhaps when I started working downtown with my husband, which I did for several years. You see, you can order the same drink at Starbucks and they are on every street corner & airport where ever you may be. A home away from home. And not only that, but they have drive thrus. Perfect when you are on your way to work and don't want to park, get out, and wait in line (that takes way too much time) OR when you have a baby, need some caffeine, but haven't had a shower, taken off yesterday's makeup or gotten dressed for the day. But somehow the coffee just isn't good anymore. In fact, there is a particular "S" drive thru that almost always makes a BAD cup of coffee or gets my order wrong. It drives me nuts and yet I continue to waste my money and support their poor service. It's finally dawning on me that I should quit going there and find a new coffee place. Something I can enjoy, is my favorite and I feel good about supporting. You see, my husband's folks own a construction supply store in NW Portland. They are not Home Depot or Lowes, or Acme they are locally owned and operated. Just like one of my favorite stores, New Seasons. They support local farmers & have some of the friendliest staff who genuinely care. So, I'm looking for a coffee place like that. So, while I was at the beach this weekend I frequented my favorite coffee place, The Human Bean (click on my title for the link). No, it's not a small mom & pop place, it's actually a small franchise that originated out of Medford, Oregon. Still, it's a step closer to local than supporting a huge corporation. And I must say, my first day home and I miss my 16oz. decaf Human Bean Supreme without whip. So the search is on and today I tried a local drive thru in Damascus. One thing, the drive thru is backwards and you order through your passenger window. A bit odd, or it could be charming. Apparently the Oregon Department of Transportation wouldn't allow them to direct traffic in the other direction which would have made much more sense. Not too sure how much I liked the coffee, but maybe I'll try it again before giving it an official thumbs up or down.


April said...

Mmmm .... my pixie mate has been missed, too! Let's go back to the beach!

Emily said...

Lately... Starbucks hasn't been strong enough for me. It tastes like watered down milk to me.
Coffee's on is local!!...and close to you too. (no drive thru though)
I love me some mint mocha!!!
Pete's is my new coffee love.

ranahead said...

Saw your a friend of mary timmons, and your coffee blog caught my eye! Which brings me to recommend Coffees On!!! I worked there for two years in high school, as well as my sister and my mother. Every time i come to visit oregon, its one of the first places i go to!

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