Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Search for Great Coffee Continues . . .

A while back I wrote about looking for a new coffee spot rather than the infamous Starbucks. I must say, I'm still searching. A local drive thru located in Damascus (that is within five minutes of my house) I've decided is not my favorite. I've tried it twice and wasn't impressed with the coffee on either occasion. I've also had the McDonald's iced vanilla coffee and I actually really like their coffee. However, supporting McDonald's kinda goes against the whole concept of finding a local homegrown coffee place to support. I've also frequented Peet's Coffee which is just down the street from me, but I have to go into the store and order as well as wait, as they aren't the fastest coffee makers and that includes holding onto a 20 month old and keeping him occupied in the meantime. So, I go to Peet's when someone is with me and can wait in the car with Luke or I'm alone. Great coffee, but I'm still searching for local and a drive thru! So, I must admit that I've returned to Starbucks on several occasions for convenience reasons. What is a coffee junkie to do? In the meantime, even my little boy is becoming a Starbucks junkie! (Don't worry, it's not coffee, it's the vanilla bean frappuccino and it's actually daddy's drink . . . someone just claimed it as their own - LOL)!!!

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Emily said...

Don't know if I can help you there...
You could just perfect making it at home!!
I fun huh?
I'm drinking my coffee right now...MMMM today, pumpkin spice creamer.
Doesn't it seem too early to already have fall creamers out??
But, its so good, I'm trying not to think of fall.
We had fun yesterday!!
Thanks again.

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