Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve - BAH HUMBUG!

Okay, I love Christmas. I love Christmastime. I love snow. So what the H E double hockeysticks is wrong with me today? My husband just asked me if I'm pregnant. GRRRRR. (For all you wondering if I am - NO)! Our garbage isn't being picked up for the second week in a row. And I just checked the status of Luke's "big gift" and it left Hermiston on Monday, arrived in Portland Tuesday morning, and arrived back in Hermiston today, CHRISTMAS EVE! UGH. So frustrating. And sad. He's only two, so I'm sure he won't care, but I'm frustrated and sad about it. He is completely die hard for Mickey Mouse these days, and will absolutely love his gift. Now if it could just get here. So, anyhow I gotta feed the babies breakfast and get this Christmas Eve show on the road. Gonna slide on down the road to my mom's today. What would normally take 10 minutes will probably take approximately 30 minutes or more. Especially since we have to drive through all the last minute Christmas mall goers. Oh, and we gotta borrow a rig or go get chains for our 4 wheel drive so we can get there. Details. Details. I gotta change this 'tude. We are healthy. We had a great day at the mall thanks to Baker's folks. The girls went to the nail salon, (I got a pretty red sparkly pedi) and the boys went to a movie. Plus a little more Christmas shopping. Totally fun and holidayish. Not to mention that we aren't stuck in an airport, stranded on a highway or not able to see our family for Christmas. Totally grateful for all that. So this bad attitude needs to go away and be kicked to the curb. With all my two weeks of garbage.


April said...

I am with you ... all my packages are incognito until the 'adverse weather conditions' improve, Sigh. Walmart has the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ... you can always swing by there while you are out and return the other when (and if) it arrives. Just a thought.
Enjoy your Christmas Eve ... we will see you guys tomorrow!!

Erik and Mary said...

Me of our packages did not arrive in time and I am having to be creative! We on the other hand DID get STUCK ( and I mean STUCK) on I-5...we left our home at 4:30 to head to mom and dads in Wilsonville and did not arrive to their home until 8:00pm IT SUCKED - I never got my mani or pedi (I too wanted sparkly red polish for the holiday)...details, but we are healthy and having fun (now).

Merry Christmas EVE

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