Sunday, December 21, 2008

More?! Seriously?

I like snow. However, this is getting to be a bit much. Snow is pretty. Ice is horrible. It's impossible to drive on ice and Christmas will soon be here. Not to mention Baker & I REALLY want to hit the day after Christmas sales with his bro & SIL April. Okay, Baker probably isn't chomping at the bits to go shopping, but I am! So please God. Please don't send anymore freezing rain. And please. Could we go shopping the day after Christmas?


April said...

I hear ya!! Gosh ... I sure hope we can still hit up those after Christmas sales!!
I agree ... if only we lived closer! Sigh. And even though I didn't list out ALL my weekly activities, you are just as big of a part of my every day life - who else do I talk to EVERY day, even if it is just to keep company while I do the dishes or clean the house. Ha, ha!!
Christmas will not be the same if we can't see you guys, so melt ice, MELT!!!

Emily said...

Awe... Call me crazy but I just love this.
I keep looking out my window from my chair and there are lots of people getting around. Even though we are going on 3 feet of snow around here.
Crazy huh?
Well, maybe I'll get updated on some of my blogging and Natalie and Luke's pictures.

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