Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finally Done!

I'm so happy! Last night there was a short break in our lovely Oregon winter snowstorm and Baker and I headed out to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. Now, those of you who know me, understand how much I love it when my babies nap. Because of that, I'm somewhat scheduled with their nap and bed times. But, we had been in the house ALL week and needed to finish up our Christmas shopping so I was determined to go. At precisely 7:30 pm I do believe that both babies were crying and I thought, "great! We'll never make it . . . it's almost time for bed." Now, normally Baby #1 goes to bed between 8-8:30 and Baby #2 has been shifting to an earlier bedtime between 8:30-9pm. But, thanks to Baker he was just as determined to go to the mall (weird, I know) and because of that we got out the door. (BTW - Baker had inventory and didn't get home until 7 or so). Even though he had a long day, well, we all did (see this post) we stuck with our plan and went shopping. At 8pm at night. We were the people at the mall with their kids at 9:30 at night. Those are the people I look at and their kids are screaming and I think, "what are they doing? Those kids need to be at home and in bed!" Anyhow, I must say we finished our Christmas shopping - yippee!!! (Disclaimer: I finished my Christmas shopping, but Baker still needs to get his gifts for me I might add.) To top it off, the kiddos were great! Okay, Luke was yelling for Mickey Mouse a couple times, but mostly they did awesome. And we had a really fun family night. Even though we were up since 5am.

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