Friday, December 19, 2008

It just wasn't meant to be!

So, I was all set for a good night's sleep. In bed by 11:30, kinda late but I got a couple things done, so I was okay with that. Then Baker didn't come to bed until after midnight. Then at precisely 5am the two year old came to visit. And wanted MILK. So, daddy got him a warm cup of milk and jumped into the shower. So this little squirmy toddler was now in my bed and 5 am is WAY to early to wake up unless you're going on a fun vacation and need to head to the airport. Catch my drift? Apparently the goober had a wet diaper that leaked through to his pajamas. UGH. Daddy kindly changes diaper and off to work. At which point I head to the toddler's bed and make him lay down. Determined to sleep, I grab a blanket and join him. After a couple wacks to the face and kidney jabs in the back . . . I'm outta there. Not only that but Baker's dog is barking directly underneath us in the garage. ARGGGGGHH. The dog pauses. I jump into my own warm cozy bed and close my eyes. Baker's dumb dog. BARK.BARK.BARK. I head downstairs thinking bad thoughts about the dogs, let them outside put them back in the garage and give them a warm blanket in their kennel. Surely I've shown enough kindness to counteract the harsh warnings and thump on the nose. Back upstairs and jump into my bed. Few minutes later . . . BARK.BARK.BARK. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Back downstairs this warning shows the mean side of mommy harshly repremanding, "STOP BARKING" in the fierces harsh whisper. Afterall we are directly under both babies rooms. Baker's dog runs for it and escapes into the house running for my room. I catch her and throw her into the garage. NOT HAPPY. Still determined to sleep, back to bed I go. I'm drifting off to sleep dreaming about how to ring up starbucks drinks, void them out and re-ring the order correctly with my 10% off goldclub membership when . . . WAHHHHH. A sharp short wail comes from baby #2's room. Time for a diaper change and the first feeding of the day. It is now 7am and I haven't slept yet. Change diaper. Make bottle. Crawl back in bed to feed baby. Surely she will fall back asleep. NOPE. She's found her voice recently and wants to talk. And burp. And not sleep. Put her back in bed. Go back to my bed. Another cry. Change diaper. So happy and awake I pick her up and put her in my bed. Within 5 minutes here comes Baby #1 - running. "HE - WOE? HE-WOE?" He's looking for daddy. Great. Were all up. And together. In my bed. Along with Handy Manny and the tools. Thankfully they are only a couple inches tall and take up hardly any room.

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April said...

What is up with our Baker children NOT sleeping? Oy!!
I will have to admit though that our dog is the absolute best ... sorry! :o)

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