Monday, November 9, 2009

Cold and Flu Freebies

A while back I saw a link on a blog for free samples from Boiron the company that makes Oscillococcinum. So, I signed up for the children's sample pack and pretty much forgot all about it. It arrived a couple weeks ago, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I received three full sized packages of cough syrup, cold pellets, and children's oscillococcinum. They arrived just in time for me to try out the coldcalm and cough medicine. So far no complaints from the little guy. He drank the cough syrup without any protest and was more than happy to take his coldcalm pellets (5 at a time).

I was excited to share this offer with all the mommies out there, but unfortunately the free sample offer has expired. However, you can visit their blog and receive a coupon towards your purchase. This could come in handy this fall and winter. It could be a long one. I also noticed a $2 off coupon for the adult oscillococcinum. I may need to try that one myself.

Has anyone tried these homeopathic remedies before? I would love to hear your experience and what it is you use in your house to combat cold and flu bugs.


Lindsey said...

Wow he took it with no complaints?! What a good kid!! Hope he feels better soon!

Taryn said...

I was not super pleased with homeopathic ones- but that is because my expectations were so high- you now? I expected an OTC herb to do what my cough medicine with codeine does. That just ins't fair, you know? I need to readjustment what I expect from medicine- and learn to rest when I am sick- rather than take pills and pretend like nothing is wrong.

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