Thursday, November 19, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond!

Lately, there's been some preparation going on. Ask Luke when his birthday is and he will show you on the calendar hanging on the wall in the kitchen. It's next week after Thanksgiving. In fact he's been telling his dad and I, and anyone else who will listen that he wants a Buzz Birthday at Chuck E Cheese. Silly boy. He's sooooo excited. By the way, we bribed him with the Chuck E Cheese location. Yes, I'm tellin' ya now. He's been potty trained during the day (even through naps), and wearing pullups only at night. He was staying dry for days on end and we finally were running out of pullups. We told him if he could stay dry for five nights in a row, that he could go to Chuck E Cheese. It worked. Oh, there have been accidents, but we are no longer buying pullups. Hooray! Anyhow, I digressed.
I found these invitations on ebay and the seller was super helpful and fast when I was in a pinch.
PS - She does announcements & Christmas cards too!
And I found these on ebay. They are the "goody" boxes. So. Cute.

And this is stuffed in a cupboard waiting to be gift wrapped.

And this is hiding in the closet at Nana's. Waiting for a very excited almost 3 year old boy on his Buzz Birthday.


Nan said...

Papa and I can't wait to give him his Buzz bike,and helmet. I am sure he will be delighted! Nana

Erik and Mary said...

what a big boy! How fun!

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