Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What I Like Wednesday


It's been years since I've used or even tried another skin care product other than Mary Kay. When my mother-in-law suggested we get makeovers and try the philosophy products, I was a little nervous. However, I have been wow'd. I REALLY like the purity cleanser. I still like Mary Kay products, but this cleanser is awesome. With Mary Kay cleansers I could wash my face five times and keep getting makeup and dirt off. With the purity, I wash my face once and it's clean. Also, my cheeks use to be extremely red all the time. Now, some of that redness has gone away thanks to the "when hope is not enough" serum. I'll see how long this set last. So far a little bit has gone a long way with this line of skin care. If you have the opportunity and need some skin care assistance . . . you just may wanna add this to your Christmas list!

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Mom B said...

I would say you have a great MIL. I love my philosophy products! What a fun time we had at the make over, we must do it again. Love ya, Mom B

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