Monday, November 23, 2009

Game Day

I'm behind in posting these, but I finally downloaded them off my camera. They were too fun not to post, even if they are late.

Could he be more proud? (You pick who you think I'm talking about - he, he).

My sister and her boyfriend joined us for the game. Good times. Good times.

Baker had multiple layers on, including ski pants over his jeans. No joke. It was a little chilly. I drank one coffee the first half, and another coffee the second half. Just to help me stay warm. Not because it was reasonably priced by any means.

This is my sister and I. I told her not to wear the purple furry headband, but she realizes she's an adult now and doesn't have to listen to her bossy older wiser sister. But, whatever. Still a good picture (because we were walking while taking it). Ignore the goober in the background.


Mom said...

Love the pictures!Thanks for posting them.

Mom B said...

I love the pictures too! Especially the one with Luke and his Dad, they both are proud!

Erik and Mary said...

looks like a lot of fun!!!

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